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Motorfinity Leasing is the proud motoring partner of Blue Light Card and Defence Discount Service, catering specifically for Armed Forces and Veterans Car DiscountEmergency Service personnel and Police, NHS Staff, Care professionals, Teachers and more. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to provide dedicated leasing offers on brand-new vehicles for all our eligible customers, with transparent pricing and NO HIDDEN FEES

Special Offers

Motorfinity’s in-house leasing department provides the best car leasing offers available to our eligible customers across most makes and models of vehicles Use the carousel below or browse all of our car leasing special offers here.

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How Motorfinity Leasing Works

We make the whole car leasing process very straightforward from enquiry to doorstep. Once you have chosen a brand and submitted a completed enquiry form, your account manager will guide you all the way as you make considered decisions about your leasing package. With NO HIDDEN FEES, you access the best lease deal available to suit your needs. NHS staff, emergency service workers, members of the armed forces and other key workers are eligible for our fantastic offers.

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Vehicles by most major motoring manufacturers are available. With just one click, you can make your choice to start your search.

Submit an Enquiry

Fill in the enquiry form and one of our account managers will get in touch. If you prefer, you can call us, and we will talk you through the process.

Place order, no hidden fees

Once you have decided on your package, Team Motorfinity will place your order and deal with the whole, hassle-free process for you. Bonus? - THERE ARE NO HIDDEN ADMIN FEES!

Lease Deals that Match your Budget

Fancy an Electric/Hybrid vehicle? You have come to the right place! View our dedicated page here:

Fancy an Electric/Hybrid vehicle?

Understanding Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Exclusively using electric, BEV’s, (all-electric vehicles), are the choice of those wanting to help the environment or make savings on fuel, tax, and maintenance. This choice is the cheapest in terms of running costs. Government incentives help with start-up costs and reduced road fund licence tax.

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Hybrid Vehicles

Powered by both an ICE, (internal combustion engine), and an electric motor, energy is stored in batteries. These batteries are not charged by plugging in the vehicle but through regenerative braking and by the ICE. Hybrids will use electric only at low speeds and over shorter distances.

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Plug-in Vehicles

A hybrid electric vehicle where the battery can be recharged by plugging a charging cable into an external electric power source in addition to its on-board ICE- powered generator. Not as cost-effective as the all-electric models, the petrol/diesel engine needs to kick in for longer trips.

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UK's armed forces, veterans, emergency services, prison service and NHS

We go the extra mile for the UK's armed forces, veterans, emergency services, prison service and the NHS

Grey 4x4 Range Rover

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, please find below a range of FAQ’s and our responses. If you cannot find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team are always more than happy to help:


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Why choose Motorfinity Car Leasing?
Our in-house leasing service is fast to react to the changing marketplace and is best placed to secure fantastic deals as new models are released. We pride ourselves on not only offering amazing leasing packages but also delivering the best customer service possible, keeping it simple and convenient.
Team Motorfinity receive an 'EXCELLENT' rating on Trust Pilot.
We embrace diversity and are more than happy to go the extra mile for all our customers.
Is leasing for me? How does it work?
Leasing a vehicle, (or in effect, renting), does give you peace of mind with no worries about depreciation. For a fixed monthly rental payment, you can build a package to suit your requirements. You decide on the length of your term, it is yours during that period although you never actually own it. You simply hand the vehicle back at the end of that term.
Can I terminate the contract early?
You may terminate your agreement early but there will be a fee to enable you to do so. It is therefore important that you carefully consider the length of the lease when discussing your package.
Are there any other costs I need to be aware of?
All things considered; leasing allows great financial flexibility which makes the package very attractive to those customers not wanting to buy a car outright.
What happens about the maintenance and servicing of leased vehicles?
Our brand-new leased vehicles all come with a full manufacturer's warranty so that you can feel totally safe and covered in case of breakdown. You can add a maintenance package onto your agreement or choose to 'self-maintain'. A maintenance package covers all servicing whereas self-maintenance means that you need to organise the servicing with a qualified VAT approved tradesman.
What about road tax and insurance?
All our leasing packages include road tax for the length of the agreement as standard, but you must ensure that you arrange insurance yourself.
So, what does my leasing package include?
  • A brand-new vehicle to suit your requirements.
  • Doorstep delivery of your dream car.
  • Full manufacturer's warranty
  • Road tax for the duration of your agreement
  • Full support for you with NO HIDDEN FEES.
  • The option to add on a maintenance, and breakdown cover package.
What is the average length of leasing contracts?
Most of our leasing contracts are between 2 and 4 years long. We do offer shorter leases in some circumstances. We are always happy to chat to you about special requirements.
Who is eligible to access leasing deals through Motorfinity Leasing?
You can find a full list of eligible personnel on this website - Are You Eligible?
What other family members qualify to make use the Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service card benefits through Motorfinity Leasing?
This varies depending on the manufacturer's policy. Sometimes it is only the card holder, sometimes partners only, and sometimes it includes other family members. Please ask one of our team to clarify who qualifies.
As a newly qualified driver, can I lease a vehicle through Motorfinity Leasing?
Yes, if you are over 18 years of age and hold a full driving licence, then you can lease.
Will I be allowed to put a personalised number plate on my leased car?
Yes, check details with your account manager who will talk you through this. It is best to organise this once you have taken delivery of your vehicle and it is worth noting that you must remember to have it removed for the end of the agreement.
Should I lease a vehicle as a business or as a personal customer?
There are definite benefits in taking out a business lease as you can claim back some of the VAT you pay but we do access amazing deals for our personal customers too. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss and check whether you qualify for a business lease.
Can you advise me on leasing a vehicle for my new business?
We are always more than happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have. Please do not hesitate to call us with your queries.
I need to quickly lease a car. Can you help me?
We can arrange swift delivery on 'In Stock' vehicles. You can find our 'In Stock' logo on some special offers. The best policy is to ring and discuss with our account managers as they can access many vehicles that are not necessarily listed.
I cannot find the vehicle I want - Can you help?
Indeed! Not all vehicles are listed on our website and so please do not hesitate to give us a ring to discuss your requirements.
I would like to test drive my preferred choice before I agree to the package. Can you arrange this?
All our vehicles come straight from the manufacturer, so we advise that you visit your local dealership to take a close look or test drive. For that amazing deal and service - get straight back to us!
I currently own a vehicle - do you deal with part exchange?
Yes, our team will source the best deal they can for you on your used car. You can discuss this with your account manager when you are negotiating your agreement.
Do I collect my brand-new vehicle or is it delivered to me?
Free delivery of your brand-new leased vehicle is included to addresses in England, Scotland, and Wales. For Northern Ireland and Isle of Wight, delivery is available to the nearest mainland port. Ask your account manager for further details.
How do I know what is considered as 'fair wear and tear'?
As members of BVRLA, (British Rental and Leasing Association) we strictly adhere to their guidelines. You can ask your account manager about this. Should there be excessive damage to your leased vehicle, it is your responsibility to pay the fees to cover this excess.
What happens if I want to end the contract early?
You need to let us know your circumstances and we will supply you with a termination quote. This will incur a fee, but we will work hard to represent your best interests.
Can I purchase the car at the end of the agreement?
Although you do not own the car at the end of the agreement, you may be able to buy it. Please ask for further information
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