Congratulations to Jaco Van Gass, MBE!

Congratulations to Jaco Van Gass, MBE!

Team Motorfinity are very thrilled that Jaco Van Gass has been recognised in the New Year Honours List for services to cycling. Having recently listened to his story, his services go far beyond the world of cycling.

At the Motorfinity party back in November, not only did we want to celebrate the launch of our leasing division, but also celebrate the amazing achievements of the very people at the heart of our business and highlight why we do what we do. As our guest speaker, Jaco Van Gass, approached the podium and began to talk, none of us had anticipated the enormity of his story and the strength of the messages that it carried.  

“You Are More Powerful Than You’ll Ever Know!”

Born in South Africa, Jaco’s journey brought him to Great Britain where he served in the Parachute Regiment in the British Armed Forces. Only 2 weeks away from the end of his second tour of Afghanistan in 2009, he was struck by an RPG missile and woke up from an induced coma back in Birmingham. He had suffered extensive injuries including a collapsed lung, shrapnel wounds, punctured internal organs, a broken tibia, fractured knee, and loss of his left arm at the elbow. 

Jaco died twice on the operating table, was brought back to life twice, and didn’t know if he would ever walk again. Realising that life as he knew it was over, he was inspired by a quote delivered by a close friend who visited him at that time:

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it.” - Charles Swindoll

Eleven operations later and having undergone intense rehabilitation, Jaco embarked on building a new life which has since seen him trek to the North Pole, climb mountains, race across America, and join the elite group of cyclists who have become Paralympic Gold Medallists and World Record Holders.

“I hope that I can serve as an inspiration to anyone facing a seemingly unsurpassable obstacle in life.”

Spreading his messages as an inspirational speaker, Motorfinity feels honoured to have spent 24 hours in his company, 

Jaco Van Gass, MBE, you generate both incredible determination and enthusiasm! Here are just 2 of the Team Motorfinity responses we wish to relay to you:

“I felt absolutely honoured to be in the company of Jaco at the leasing event, hear about his life journey so far, and to hold his Olympic medals. He is truly inspirational and made me feel that you really can be anything in life you want to be if you put your heart and soul into it. The determination in him to never give up is a breath of fresh air. The messages he so brilliantly conveyed in his speech will stay with me forever.” (Fiona Bennison, Sales and Finance Co-ordinator).                                                                                                                

“Jaco was an inspiration to meet. From the moment we met, I found him warm and easy to talk to. It’s hard to understand how challenging his life must have been and it is a real testimony to his strength in character that he is so positive. I found his story moving to the point it made me look at myself in the mirror and appreciate things so much more. I am really pleased Jaco has been awarded an MBE. He is so deserving of this. I wish him all the best for the future and hope we get the chance to meet again.” (Thomas Iveson, Head of Motorfinity Leasing).

He has had so much thrown at him yet still has the courage to continue in a fashion that gives hope and inspiration to everyone.

He begs the question: “What will YOU do next?”

Many of our customers know all about extreme pressure. They are the survivors of the darkest days, facing adversity on a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day basis.

This is why we do what we do at Motorfinity.