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As the demand for electric/hybrid vehicles grows, Motorfinity are proud to be following the rapid charge towards a greener automotive industry with a complete range of options available. 

Whatever your reason for choosing an electric/hybrid vehicle, our expert team are ready to advise you.

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Understanding Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Exclusively using electric, BEV’s, (all-electric vehicles), are the choice of those wanting to help the environment or make savings on fuel, tax, and maintenance. This choice is the cheapest in terms of running costs. Government incentives help with start-up costs and reduced road fund licence tax.

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Hybrid Vehicles

Powered by both an ICE, (internal combustion engine), and an electric motor, energy is stored in batteries. These batteries are not charged by plugging in the vehicle but through regenerative braking and by the ICE. Hybrids will use electric only at low speeds and over shorter distances.

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Plug-in Vehicles

A hybrid electric vehicle where the battery can be recharged by plugging a charging cable into an external electric power source in addition to its on-board ICE- powered generator. Not as cost-effective as the all-electric models, the petrol/diesel engine needs to kick in for longer trips.

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