Motorfinity Leasing Launch Event

Motorfinity Leasing Launch Event

Together Everyone Achieves More

The Motorfinity Leasing Launch Event - an opportunity for everyone involved in the life and soul of our unique business to come together.

CEO, Daniel Briggs’ vision for his unique business, where all our specialist sector customers are served by the very best ‘One Stop Shop’ has certainly moved forward with the addition of our very own in-house leasing division at Motorfinity HQ. Our team, our partners at Blue Light Card, representatives from all areas of the automotive industry, and supporting businesses joined together at Stubton Hall, near Newark, to celebrate.

Not only was it the launch of Motorfinity Leasing but also a great chance to show our gratitude to all those who make sure we never lose sight of what our business is all about. How blessed are we to work in a business where we work hard to provide the best service possible to the very people our whole nation totally relies on to protect and care for us! They are our drive, our spirit, and our inspiration.

Our Drive

An impressive car display of all-new models from some of our major manufacturing partners greeted our guests on arrival at the hall’s forecourt. There was much excitement and anticipation as our guests entered the party scene. In the wake of a global pandemic, it was a very welcome change to be able to meet face to face at last.

In the beautiful stately rooms of the hall, our exhibition, ’20 Easels’, presented stunning storyboards to proudly document the truly amazing achievements of members of our client-base whom we have supported during the young life of Motorfinity. A live installation encapsulating all that Motorfinity is about brought the exhibition to life, and we were blessed with the presence of some of the people featured in it: Representatives from the organisations that we serve joined us – the Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Charitable organisations working tirelessly 24/7 to support and save the lives of so many. It is staggering, and drives us to do what we do in the very best way possible.

Our Spirit

One of our storyboards featured the collaboration between *Samantha’s Legacy and the Knife Angel campaigning against violence and aggression. Alison Madgin and her team from Samantha’s Legacy travelled from Northumbria to celebrate with us. It was a joy to be able to meet them at last. Their spirit is inimitable. Sue Goodess, Nottinghamshire’s 1st female firefighter back in 1984, also joined us and featured on our ‘Recruiting Now’ storyboard supporting Women in the Fire Service. Her compassionate nature, infectious smile and ‘kick-ass’ spirit continues. Pete Chojnacki with his working dog – best mate, Rory – represented our Hidden Heroes from the UK’s Prison Service. He also featured on one of the 20 storyboards - all oozing stories of dedication, hard work and indomitable spirit.

Our Inspiration

‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it’

A friend spoke these words to him as he laid critically injured in a hospital bed and, boy, did he respond and pay testament to those words! The whole room listened and watched in awe as our keynote speaker, Jaco Van Gass related his life story to us. So many definitive moments, so many strong messages for us all to digest and carry with us. We all came away feeling blessed to have met him. Polite and courteous, courageous, and inspirational – as our COO, Dean Skiba commented, ‘No words cut what we are feeling across the entire room tonight.’

At the very heart of Motorfinity, they are the people we count on, the people who serve their nation with courtesy and respect through all adversity and so this was the occasion to not only celebrate the launch but also take the opportunity to thank them and demonstrate our commitment to delivering the very best service for them.

Our Vision

Our CEO, Daniel Briggs shared our vision with his audience – a vision of the business which is built around our 4 key values: Simplicity, Value, Convenience and Service, and all controlled in-house in our ‘One Stop Shop’ to retain and build on the ‘Excellent’ rated service that we have worked hard to achieve.

We are the proud motoring partners of Blue Light Card and their COO, Andy Collins spoke of a partnership with Motorfinity which has ‘stuck like no other and is enduring’. There was an overwhelming feeling of mutual courtesy and respect between all parties connected to the heartstrings of the Motorfinity drive.

With the launch of Motorfinity Leasing, what does the future hold for us? Thomas Iveson, Head of Leasing, foresees a bright future where leasing your car will be as common as renting your mobile phone with regular upgrades as the all-electric market takes over and technology rapidly advances. Leasing is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons and our in-house division are ready for the new green revolution.

Our Network

Speeches over, it was time to get to know our guests better as everyone enjoyed a glass of celebratory fizz, good food, and musical entertainment. A wonderful evening after such a long time of virtual-only meetings – we can’t wait for the next time!