An Opportunity for Personal Growth Without the Fees!

An Opportunity for Personal Growth Without the Fees!

Just one year ago, Motorfinity set on 2 apprentices for the first time. The number has now grown to 7 as the apprenticeship scheme proves both very popular and hugely successful.

As many students clamour for university places, Motorfinity is presenting the case for workplace-based training with all the benefits it hands out to young people who want to explore the industry before taking the next step. University comes with mighty fees and a minimum three-year commitment to a course full of relative unknowns. The right workplace environment comes with a tool bag full of learning opportunities and a wealth of experience in the form of colleagues from all age groups and backgrounds – all ready to guide apprentices in this early chapter of their professional lives.

Dean Skiba, Motorfinity’ s Chief Operating Officer, commented:

“I am absolutely delighted that all our apprentices are doing incredibly well. You can walk around the office and be unable to pick out who our apprentices are as they work so well within the team. Some of them will go on to take on permanent roles within the company and we are already seeing their incredible personal growth in a short space of time. If they decide to go to university further down the line, they are surely better prepared for it…”

Alicia Anderson is a member of our band of brilliant young apprentices and explains:

“The reason I chose to be a part of an apprenticeship scheme is because I never really got on well in a school environment. I tried working in pubs for a while and, in all honesty, I hated it! So, when I saw Motorfinity had an apprentice position open I thought, ‘That’s definitely what I want to do!’ It’s an amazing environment where I can learn and work without feeling stressed or under any pressure. In the long run, I want to delay going to university for a few years until I feel more ready. I’d like to study business when I have the knowledge and experience I need so I can progress in the world of business. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now Motorfinity have given me that chance.”

Not everyone is suited to, or indeed ready for university in their late teens. Alicia has sensibly recognised and evaluated her needs - Motorfinity are very keen to invest in more young people like Alicia and intends to accelerate their programme of provision to take this workplace training route.