Reaching Full Potential at Motorfinity

Reaching Full Potential at Motorfinity

Motorfinity always encourages its staff to reach their full potential. Training days are great for exploring new managerial styles and helping to discover areas that may need improvement.

Our managers recently visited the beautiful Hill Holt Wood and had a fantastic time as they embarked on a training course led by the brilliant team at Get the Edge UK. We’ve been speaking to the team who attended the two-day management development course - all to help them reach their full managerial potential:

“Personally, the management course was a great experience; I feel as though it has helped me gain a greater understanding of what being a manager means. My highlight of the course was working with other companies and experiencing other management styles that I may not use myself.” (Lewis Parker, Operations’ Manager).

Get the Edge UK, who ran the event, were great at leading all the activities and explaining how they would help us in our day to day working life as managers. It has helped me see the bigger picture when it comes to helping my team. I now recognise how I can motivate my co-workers by using my resources effectively.” (Lucy Smith, Senior Sales and Finance Leader)


 “The course was a great learning curve; it has helped me appreciate that everyone’s different and that one size certainly does not fit all. The teambuilding activities were excellent and made me think about how I could approach my team members differently to get the best results from them.” (Luke Chambers, Sales Manager).

“Personally, I feel as though completing the management development course has shown me how to value my team more. I now know how to offer support in a constructive way that will allow for great development not only in my team, but across the company. It was great!” (Josh Holt, Senior Leasing Account Manager & Team Leader).

Westway Nissan and Dack Motor Group also joined us on the course giving us a great opportunity to meet with other people from a different sector of our industry.

Overall, the experience for our team was very insightful and encouraging. We can’t thank Get the Edge UK enough for all their help guiding our team through the course. It was wonderful to see our managers working hard to further develop themselves while also having fun. That’s what Motorfinity is all about!