Top New Non Electric Cars of 2022

Top New Non Electric Cars of 2022

There is no doubt that combustion power will be replaced by electric in the not-too-distant future, but for those drivers who love nothing better than the joy of a manual, high-performance drive, the resurgence of some classic high-performance cars is music to the ears before the ban on petrol/diesel is enforced. The good news for these drivers is that there is still a sizeable number of exciting sports cars and supercars arriving in the UK. Major manufacturers are still mindful of giving one final hurrah to this sector of the market.

Time to celebrate the resurgence of the Toyota Supra

It’s made it! Whilst it may be a rare event these days and many would have bet against it, there’s much to celebrate. Toyota’s CEO, Akio Toyoda, is something of a petrolhead and must be jumping for joy at the brilliant result in his company’s delivery of this stunning, driver-focused, 2-door coupe. Shifting it up a notch with an excellent 6-speed manual gearbox, this stylish blast from the past has made it to the UK’s showrooms – it’s time to celebrate!

Classics emerging with a hybrid twist

In some cases, manufacturers are observing the classic features but with a hybrid twist in keeping with the transition to an all-electric future.

The Mercedes C Class is one such example: Loved by many who can rest assured that there is minimal compromise in the transition to the PHEV version. Mercedes quality paired with low running costs could put this on your wish list.

Modern-day hatchbacks and family cars with greater capabilities

The advances in technology over time have meant that there is now a broad array of cars offering lots of power and a quick turn of speed – even today’s sportiest hatchbacks and family cars are faster and more capable than supercars of a decade ago.

Take the ever-popular VW Golf GTi – originally generating around 108 HP, it can now deliver over 245 HP. That’s an impressive leap! And now, with the evolution of the VW Golf R, it has far outreached many supercar levels of the past with a 316 HP capability. A sizzling hot hatchback, a practical estate, or an out-and-out performance car? Maybe even the most avid classic petrolhead couldn’t fail but be impressed…

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